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Original Rock ’n’ Roll Built from the Ground Up

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So what’s the deal with the name? Well, it’s a Bugs Bunny reference …look HERE. But what about the band?

BRIAN STABILE writes songs, and sings ‘em … sparkly Chiltonesque pop gems, Stonesy grinds, with melodies you’d sell your mamma for. Where’d he ply his scruffy trade ‘til now? Dive bars and abused NYC/NJ watering holes, since they were new. Played with guys named Johnny, Cheetah, and CC, fronted a plethora of beens — Secret Steps, The Secrets, and most recently, CASINO SUNDAE — all fondly remembered by those who were there ... Oh, and that lead line that you’ll be humming on the way home after the gig … yeah, that’s pure Stabile-ity …


BRUCE HANSON writes songs, and sings ‘em, unless Brian sings ‘em better … Lennonian longings, Westerbergian throat-scrapings, Clashy ruff-riffs … songs about shady characters, particle physics, and love ’n’ hate … y’know, songs to dialup just as you order another round. His origin story? Well, there’s something about the famously toxic early 1980s New Brunswick scene with the punkpop HIP SHY, but then to the woodshed, the wilderness, and finally the Internet and NYC-area semi-notoriety with the clink-clank-woosh-boom FELLAHEEN … not to mention, long nights producing albums for others, from alt-folk-punk rocker Lily Vakili to the countrified amalgamate Joe Borthwick to the raging Romanian/NYC neo-classicists The Roadrunners …

West-coast raised, hard rock and metal formed the early influences of bassist extraordinaire SCOTT BARNES. Heeding the clarion call of the east coast, Scott headed rightwards to the mid-80s Trenton scene, manning thelow frequencies in the original funk rock band Gambone. Previous to joining our little heap of canines, Scott had been laying down the thump and groove for 10 years with some of the finest South Jersey/Eastern PA bands, including FM Kill, JT Money, Who Knows, and The Cause, while also spending the past 5 years recording bass and vocals for multi-label recording artists STEEPLECHASE.  


But then, dead center stage, he who gets to sit whilst others stand, is the unstoppable, untoppable motor of this machine … MARK ORLANDINI. Any band is only as good as its drummer, and the effusively affable Mr. Mark is the best tub-thumper you’ll ever run across … you’ll understand when you hear him. He’s toured far and wide, played in venues that you’ve paid serious  cash to enter, to crowds that you’d have been a mere  speck amidst. Late of NRG (the most successful and fondly-remembered NJ party band of the last 30 years), Mark brings equal measures of melody and menace to his trap kit, and a tapping to your toe that may never cease …


So there you go: DOGPILE ON THE RABBIT … original rock ‘n’ roll, built from the ground up by amicably grizzled veterans of the form — grimy, uplifting, of the tradition yet shocking like new. What more can you ask for ... ?

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