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Way Back Now
is out NOW!
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“ What happens when the frontman from Casino Sundae (Brian Stabile) starts a new band with the frontman of Fellaheen (Bruce Hanson), and some other veterans of the New Jersey scene (Scott Barnes and Mark Orlandini)? You get Dogpile on the Rabbit, which combines the garage/ punk/ power-pop of Casino Sundae, with the experimental/roots/Americana/rock of Fellaheen, into an incredible debut album, ‘Way Back Now’”. — Lazlo, “New & Notable Music”


Dogpile on the Rabbit, “Tricks of Light” — "A classic American anthem that dazzles with its modern era fuzzy growling guitars backing up the crisp, clean rhythm and roar of the vocals… mixes the modern sound of the Strokes with the more classic sounds of artists like Bruce Springsteen … unique, and I love the fusion ...” — YACK! Magazine, UK


“… A brilliant album. Classic stuff. Terrific songs and melodies with Jersey attitude …” — Joaquin Lopez, Rock and Roll Circus, Madrid, Spain

Here's a great new write-up and interview by Patrick Donders at Sweet Sweet Music ... thanks, Patrick!


“Running Partner” Live at Tierney’s Tavern, Montclair, NJ

Channeling the Replacements,
Live at the Chubby Pickle, Highlands, NJ

“Supercollider” Live at the Saint, Asbury Park, NJ

Our Latest Single: “Elemental”

Download and stream it at

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